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Zappychats S1E3 with Dr. Sanjeev Dixit: How To Build Organizational Culture and Attract Right Talent


Welcome to the first season of Zappychats, an exclusive HR video podcast where HR leaders talk about all things recruitment, HRtech and more. Videos are published weekly on ,Zappyhire LinkedIn and subscribe to this blog here.

In the third episode with Dr. Sanjeev Dixit – Global HR leader and author of the book “Plan C”, Dr. Sanjeev talks about how to build organizational culture and attract the right talent.

Watch the first part of the episode below or read the transcript.

In this snippet, Dr. Sanjeev talks about how organizations can ensure they get the right talent to operate.

Renjith KK: Hello! Welcome to another episode of Zappychats, an exclusive HR vodcast and a knowledge sharing session with leaders from diverse domains. I’m Renjith, your host for the show.

Today we have with us Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, an inspiring personality.

Dr. Sanjeev Dixit: Thank you for having me

Renjith KK: When you build a high performing organization, talent is key. According to you, how should organizations ensure they get the right people?

Dr. Sanjeev Dixit: I believe that talent is always attracted towards an organization that has a conducive work environment, inspiring leadership and freedom to experiment and innovate. Any talent across age group, gender and nationality will always look for an environment where their ideas will flourish and translate to value creating propositions. I always believe that as a leadership / senior management, we need to continue to create experiences which eventually become a moment of truth for employees. Then they become your brand ambassadors.

Talent attracts talent. That’s the norm of any good organization. When employees become brand ambassadors, they start speaking about your organization in terms of learning, growth, development, freedom to experiment, etc. Advocacy happens in the talent market. This also shows their commitment to the organization and their passion towards the organization.

Today there are various tools and platforms like glassdoor and indeed where people share their experiences which creates an image and score of the organization that shows how people perceive their organization – this becomes a part of your employer branding.

I don’t call it employer branding, I call it experience branding. Because people always go for the experience and consistency of experience around an organization, especially spoken by their employees and not by PR or marketing propaganda. Employer branding can happen through marketing tools but experience branding cannot happen through PR. It can only happen if employees in the organization get that experience in a consistent manner and that experience becomes a brand in the outside world. I call it ‘Experience Branding’.

Watch the full episode here Dr. Sanjeev Dixit talks about how organizations can build a culture that attracts the right talent. If you are a young HR professional, watch until the end for some useful tips!

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