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Technology in Talent Acquisition  – A World of Possibilities | Zappychats S3E3 with Meena Kumari R


Welcome to the third season of Zappychats, an exclusive HR video podcast where HR leaders talk about all things recruitment, HRtech, and more. Check the published videos on Zappyhire LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog.

Watch the latest episode with Meena Kumari R (VP & Global Head of HR at Hiver), moderated by Renjith KK (Talent Excellence Coach & OD Consultant).

Technology in Talent Acquisition  – A World of Possibilities

She talks about the technology in talent acquisition and including,

  • What does a Value Proposition Technology offer to talent acquisition?
  • Latest trends in hiring & social recruiting – opportunities and risks.
  • How can organizations leverage conversational AI-based chatbots – The automation aspect of hiring to revolutionize the candidate experience.
  • How can technology assist organizations to reimagine the candidate experience in talent acquisition and employer branding?
  • How could organizations ensure that they have a better talent strategy with the help of data-driven recruitment?
  • What are the ‘watchouts’ / potential derailers faced by organizations while implementing technology in talent acquisition?
  • What are the key skills that are required for talent acquisition?

Also, listen to her recommendations for the young HR professionals who aspire to make a career in talent acquisition.

Watch the snippet of the episode below or read the transcript.

In this snippet, Meena Kumari talks about the technology which assists organizations to reimagine the candidate experience in talent acquisition and employer branding?

Renjith KK:

So here it connects with the branding, the candidate experience and the employer branding. So how can technology assist organizations to reimagine the candidate experience and boost the employer branding so that there are lesser offers dropouts and more conversions?

Meena Kumari R:

I think that’s such an important question, right. If we might do hundreds of things, spent effort, time, money on everything that we do on the hiring front, but if the person doesn’t join, it’s such a waste of that entire effort, right. How we mitigate is the biggest question everybody’s trying to solve. There is no one answer to it, but what we found is really helping to a certain extent. There’s nothing 100% foolproof, right. Today, I think early last year I have only looked at so many LinkedIn articles around how the offer journey dropout percentage has come down from 70% or 80% to 50% and today we’re sitting at 30% & 40%. Nobody can deny that’s the fact, right. While we see 30% & 40% turnaround, how do we actually make it better is a bigger question that everybody has. Everybody wants to mitigate that, no right, or wrong answer. But something that works for us is we use a certain technology in a way that we push out a lot of notifications to employees the moment they are very keen to take our offer, right. So there is a lot of push emails that goes about the companies newsletters, the companies immediate events and posts that are out there on the LinkedIn and Twitter.

We also pull out blogs and articles about thought leadership from the organization that gets pushed out to them. You also ask about referrals in terms of these are job openings, we have reference. So we send out a lot of push emails to people, very intended, very targeted emails. So they are engaged at our point in time and they get to know a little bit more about the organization every time they get an email from us, right, and we’re also trying to see if people can enable WhatsApp and other mediums because it’s also becoming very quite valid these days. A lot of ecommerce you’ve seen have moved to WhatsApp they know. People are not checking emails and SMS these days. So anything that is more trendy I would even love for people to have Instagram messages, right. Suddenly there’s an Instagram message, people want to get up and see what it is. But if there is an email SMS, nobody even scrolls through it. I have like 2000 SMS sitting on my phone, but I never go and see it, right. Unless it’s an OTP. So looking at newer technology, it can push a lot of information around about the organization to the people, keep them always engaged about what’s new that’s happening in the organization.

Spur that passion that you know what you will get to work with all of this newer technologies that they’re working, the new innovation that we are bringing in, people that they look up if there are good newsletters, there are good videos that we are shooting out. There are Google AdWords campaigns that we are pushing out. Those are all examples of how well we are doing in the company. How well we are basically trying to attract customers is also equally important that we push it to a potential canvas. They also will know, okay, these are all things that’s happening in the office. And I want to be a central part of all of this, right. I think that triggering all of that. Today I’m using a couple of technology. There is also manual effort going in that. But something that can really ease out this entire process is also on something that I’m looking at. But these are going to be very helpful. These are touch points that are absolutely helpful. Of course there are touch points where we schedule meetings with our higher ups, schedule meeting with other stakeholders, keep them absolutely engaged during the offer stage, after the offer stage pre-joining and all of that.

So I’m really looking at more technology that can help me in all of these problem statements.

Watch the full episode of Zappychats with Meena Kumari here. If you are a young recruiter, HR professional, or HR leader, this is a must-watch for you. Watch until the end for some useful tips!

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