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Top 9 High Volume Hiring Strategies For Faster And Better Hires


Hiring is tricky business – finding the right candidate for one job is challenging enough!

Now imagine a company gearing up for rapid growth, racing against the clock to fill countless positions with top-tier talent (a considerably common scenario specifically in large organizations)?

It’s practically every recruiter’s nightmare!

With tight deadlines, heaps of manual work, and candidate data scattered all over the place, it’s far from an ideal situation for HR professionals.

Couple that with organizations who deal with high-volume hiring on a frequent basis, where challenges are bigger, and the pressure is intense to say the least. 

To put it simply, recruiting a bunch of people quickly is not as easy as it sounds! 

If this is a situation you’ve faced or are likely to face in the near future, this blog is your ultimate guide to tackling the hurdles that piggyback on high-volume recruitment processes.

Ready to step into the world of hiring on a larger scale but within a short time-frame? 

Come let’s explore the nuances together!

What is high-volume hiring?

high volume hiring

High-volume hiring is the practice of recruiting a large number of candidates into an organization within a stipulated amount of time.

This is commonly implemented, especially in larger organizations with 500 or more employees, to meet the accelerated growth demands or address fluctuations in business requirements.

It goes beyond the regular hiring process, turning traditional recruitment into a strategic effort to build a sizable workforce efficiently. 

This practice of recruitment is common in the healthcare industry, retail industry, manufacturing industry, IT/ITes and hospitality industry. 

For example, retail outlets gear up for rush during the holiday season and hospitals increase staff to cope with patient influxes.

Similarly, manufacturing plants expand to meet increased production needs, and hotels prepare for surges in tourists. 

High-volume hiring becomes a recruitment strategy in response to dynamic demands, adapting to the unique requirements of each of  these sectors.

Prime examples of constant high-volume recruitment operations include e-commerce giant Amazon and automotive and clean energy company Tesla

In a nutshell, high-volume hiring is a tailored strategy, adjusting to the very distinctive demands of industries where agility and speed are paramount.

Common challenges of high-volume hiring

large number of candidates

High-volume recruitment brings with it a set of formidable challenges, each demanding attention and strategic solutions to ensure the process runs smoothly.

1. Maintaining candidate quality:

As the volume of hires increases, the risk of compromising on candidate quality becomes apparent. 

Balancing quantity with quality is an ongoing challenge, emphasizing the need for rigorous screening processes and careful candidate evaluation.

2. Ensuring a positive candidate experience:

With a high number of applicants in the pipeline, ensuring a positive candidate experience for each becomes a juggling act. 

From timely communication to ease of application, maintaining a candidate-centric approach becomes critical to uphold the employer brand.

3. Consistent employer branding across hires:

Maintaining a consistent employer brand becomes challenging when hiring at scale. 

Each interaction with a candidate is a reflection of the company’s brand, making it essential to align messaging and experiences across the board.

4. Coping with tight timelines:

High-volume hiring often comes with tight deadlines. 

The pressure to fill numerous positions swiftly can compromise the thoroughness of the hiring process. 

Striking a balance between speed and accuracy becomes pivotal to meet organizational timelines without sacrificing quality.

5. Avoiding recruiter burnout:

Recruiters are at the forefront of high-volume hiring, managing a constant influx of candidates. 

The sheer volume of work can lead to burnout, affecting both efficiency and morale. 

Implementing measures to support and rejuvenate recruiters becomes extremely crucial for sustained success.

6. Addressing increased competition:

As organizations compete for the best talent in a competitive market, high-volume hiring intensifies this competition.

Standing out becomes paramount, necessitating innovative recruitment strategies and compelling employer value propositions.

7. Building a diverse candidate pool:

In the rush to fill positions, the risk of overlooking diversity in the candidate pool is real. 

Proactively ensuring diversity requires intentional efforts in sourcing, outreach, and unbiased evaluation processes.

Successfully navigating these challenges requires a holistic and proactive approach, emphasizing the importance of a well-designed recruitment strategy that goes beyond just the numbers, focusing on quality, candidate experience, and long-term employer branding.

Top 9 high-volume hiring strategies for faster and better hires

Hiring strategies
  1. Building a robust talent pool by leveraging job boards and online portals 

Building a robust talent pool through job boards and online portals is a strategic move that provides organizations access to a broader pool of qualified candidates. 

Additionally, leveraging social media channels amplifies engagement, further ensuring an extensive reach and diversity in the talent pool.

Social recruiting leverages platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to engage and attract talent actively. 

To learn more about the intricacies of social recruiting and how it can help you, check out our “Social Recruiting Playbook for 2023”. 

In the same vein, proactive engagement with potential candidates through talent communities or specialized engagement programs is a crucial step that ensures the building of a robust talent pool in advance. 

By investing in and establishing connections beforehand, the hiring process gains momentum, aligning seamlessly with the current emphasis on proactive and diverse hiring initiatives. 

  1. Prioritizing skills over credentials

While fast-tracking the process of recruitment, especially when the candidate pool is vast, it is convenient to shortlist candidates with more qualifications as opposed to identifying skills over the different screening stages. 

But that approach may compromise the quality of hire

Therefore, when it comes to high-volume recruiting, prioritizing skills over credentials emerges as a crucial strategy.

This approach involves placing emphasis on specific skills, such as problem-solving or adaptability, during the candidate selection process.

By doing so, organizations streamline the identification of qualified candidates, ensuring efficiency in the high-volume hiring journey. 

This strategy proves particularly beneficial in hiring tech talent, where hands-on skills often carry more weight than formal qualifications.

To enhance skill assessment, organizations can explore the use of online AI assessments, providing a more accurate evaluation of candidates’ capabilities.

By prioritizing skills and utilizing advanced assessments, organizations not only enhance the relevance of their hires but also align with the evolving landscape of skills-focused recruitment.

  1. Automating the screening process

In high-volume hiring, automating the screening process is a game-changer, streamlining candidate evaluations and saving valuable time. 

Automating the screening process can be further refined by incorporating machine learning algorithms that continuously learn and adapt to evolving hiring criteria. 

This ensures that the screening process becomes increasingly efficient over time, refining candidate selection based on real-time data and performance metrics.

Adopting advanced pre-screening tools help organizations simplify their quest for top-quality candidates.

They help build a high-quality talent pool and significantly reduce time-to-hire

They also provide a deeper understanding of candidates, assess language proficiency, offer contextually relevant insights, and effectively reduce overall hiring costs.!

Let’s take the example of campus hiring, where organizations seek to efficiently recruit a high number of freshers at scale.

It taps into a vast pool of talent within a short time frame, and in such a scenario the adoption of automated screening processes proves highly effective.

  1. Using high-volume recruiting tools

Leveraging advanced high-volume recruiting tools to enhance efficiency in hiring processes is crucial and it goes beyond basic functionalities. 

Utilizing pre-screening tools is essential for quickly identifying candidates to shortlist and ensuring efficient use of time. 

When medium to large enterprises have to deal with hiring at scale on a regular basis, they also have to deal with tight deadlines. 

These tools streamline the selection process, helping you make informed decisions promptly.

Integrating AI for predictive analytics identifies potential high performers, further streamlining the candidate selection process. 

Making use of recruiting chatbots for initial candidate interactions guarantees timely and efficient communication, especially crucial in volume recruitment scenarios. 

  1. Ensuring a positive candidate experience throughout

In the fast-paced world of high-volume hiring, personalized engagement is king.

Treat candidate experience as a top priority, for no one stays where they aren’t treated well, and bear in mind, competition is always ready to swoop down and snatch top talent.

Implementing automated application status updates ensures candidates are kept in the loop, providing them with a transparent view of their application progress

Detailed information about the company culture in job descriptions helps candidates gauge their fit within the organization, creating a positive impression from the start

Additionally, incorporating intuitive recruitment chatbots can significantly improve candidate satisfaction. 

They achieve this by automatically engaging with candidates, providing helpful information about their status, role, benefits, and more, throughout the recruitment life cycle.

Wish to learn more on how to improve candidate experience?

Dive deeper into creating an exceptional candidate experience by exploring our ebook, “A Guide to Exceptional Candidate Experience” .

candidate experience ebook
  1. Improving the onboarding process for efficiency

A streamlined and efficient system is crucial to ensure a smooth transition for the many candidates joining the organization.

With mass onboarding as a common recruitment challenge in high-volume hiring, automating the onboarding process becomes a necessity.

Developing interactive onboarding portals that go beyond paperwork ensures a dynamic and engaging initiation for new hires. 

Integrating e-learning modules facilitates quick familiarization with company policies and procedures. 

Assigning mentors or a “buddy” during the onboarding process provides valuable guidance, fostering a sense of belonging. 

Detailed onboarding schedules contribute to efficiency, reducing the time it takes for new hires to become fully productive.

  1. Leveraging analytics for data-driven decisions

Here’s a pro-tip: Embrace data-driven recruitment. Identify and act upon analytics for informed decision-making.

As per a study conducted by Forrester, 74% of firms express the desire to be “data-driven,” but only 29% claim to be good at acting upon the analytics.

Despite the desire to be data-driven, only a fraction of organizations effectively act upon analytics!

But it’s important to note that leveraging analytics in high-volume hiring extends beyond traditional metrics. 

Implementing predictive analytics models identifies potential bottlenecks in the recruitment process. 

Analysis of sourcing channel effectiveness helps refine candidate outreach strategies. 

Additionally, utilizing sentiment analysis for candidate feedback ensures a nuanced understanding of the candidate experience. 

By embracing these data-driven approaches, organizations can make informed decisions throughout the hiring journey.

  1. Talent rediscovery within existing networks

Recruiters take note – Utilize the power of existing networks to discover top talent! 

Referrals and internal networks are often goldmines that remain untapped in high-volume hiring scenarios.

Research indicates that 88% of employers say referrals are above-average candidates, and organizations with a referral program have a 46% average retention rate.

Talent rediscovery within existing networks involves tapping into past applicants and leveraging internal referral programs. 

Encouraging employees to recommend individuals from their professional networks and implementing automated referral tracking systems contribute to a continuous and diverse talent pipeline. 

This thereby provides a valuable resource in high-volume hiring scenarios.

  1. Enhancing employer branding strategies

Did you know, candidates often rely on company reviews and ratings before applying, making employer branding a crucial factor?

A staggering 86% of employees consider company reviews and ratings before applying for a job.

Furthermore, organizations investing in employer branding are 3X more likely to make quality hires. It would be a mistake to ignore this correlation!

Enhancing employer branding strategies involves showcasing company culture, benefits, and opportunities. 

Employee testimonials, engaging recruitment videos, and active participation in diversity and inclusion initiatives contribute to a positive and authentic employer brand. 
In high-volume hiring, a strong employer brand not only attracts top talent but also sets the organization apart in a competitive landscape.

To sum-up

Diverse pool of candidates

Hiring at scale is a common necessity for various industries, such as retail and manufacturing, to address periodic demands, and along with it comes its unique set of challenges. 

These challenges can be effectively addressed by employing the above-listed strategies that not only accelerate the process but also ensure a smooth and effective hiring experience.

These strategies function as reliable guides that help organizations not just hire quickly but also build a positive and strong workforce without compromising on quality! 

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