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The New Way of Hiring: Automated Video interview


Recruitment in today’s day and age has never been as dynamic as before. Analysis of speech, words, tonality etc using AI serves as a viable solution to the ever-challenging pressure an HR manager faces when trying to ascertain if the candidate across the table is apt and true to his words.

The latest technologies in AI can help bridge the gap which offers a new convenient solution for such a dilemma.

Here is when AI can effectively help to identify a candidate’s personality so as to ascertain which of the big 5 personality traits they fall into-openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness, and extraversion. Such identification will help ensure that the candidate is perfectly suitable for the role being applied for beyond the normal skills. Such technology can not only improve the overall confidence with which an HR manager conducts their interview but will also help reduce further complications such as high attrition rates, training costs that might arise due to wrong decisions being made at such a crucial stage. Also, it lets you hire the best, faster.

Hence, this can prove as a crucial HR tool for designing new recruitment strategies that maximize desirable output while simultaneously minimizing explicit and implicit costs.
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