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Is Candidate Engagement Necessary?


Why Candidate Engagement Matters and How To Start Improving It

Did you know that many organizations lose out on attracting top talent due to subpar candidate engagement? On the other hand, studies have shown that organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of their new hires by 70%. There is no doubt that candidate engagement and experience are directly correlated with the quality and quantity of hires made by an organization. 

Today’s workforce checklist goes way beyond a hefty paycheck and a renowned brand name, with a significant focus on a company culture that aligns with their values. This is where continuous candidate engagement (CCE) comes in, which is critical in attracting top talent while also aiding in their retention. This blog shall explore why CCE matters and tips on how you can start improving it for your organization.

What is candidate engagement?

Candidate engagement is the process of building and maintaining a positive relationship between a prospective candidate and an employer with the aim of creating a pool of qualified candidates who are likely to accept a job offer and become members of the organization. 

What is the difference between candidate experience and candidate engagement?  

Candidate experience:

  • Refers to the overall perception of the recruitment process.
  • Includes all interactions and touchpoints with the employer/ recruiter.
  • Aims to provide a positive, seamless, and respectful experience for the candidate.
  • The focus is on the candidate’s experience during the recruitment process, irrespective of the outcome.

Candidate engagement:

  • Refers to the specific activities and strategies used to develop relationships with candidates.
  • Involves ongoing communication, outreach, and interaction with candidates.
  • Aims to keep candidates interested, informed, and motivated about the job opportunity and the organization.
  • Focuses on building a pool of qualified, engaged candidates who are likely to accept a job offer.

How does the candidate experience impact an organization’s profitability? 

  • Attracting top talent: It can help attract the best candidates, who are more likely to perform better, contributing to the company’s success.
  • Reducing turnover rates: When candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process, they are more likely to accept a job offer and stay with the company longer, reducing the costs associated with turnover.
  • Improving employer branding: It can enhance an organization’s reputation as an employer of choice, attracting more high-quality candidates and customers. 
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction: When candidates have a positive experience, they are more likely to become brand advocates, leading to increased revenue.

What tools can aid in candidate engagement?

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS): ATSs automate recruitment operations, manage candidate data, and provide insights into candidate behavior and engagement.
  • Candidate relationship management (CRM) software: Similar to ATS, these tools help manage and track candidate interactions, communications, and engagement across multiple channels, such as email, social media, and chatbots.
  • Video interviewing platforms: These tools allow for personalized and convenient communication between candidates and employers.
  • Text messaging and chatbots: These communication tools provide real-time, personalized, and automated messaging options, increasing candidate engagement. 
  • Social media management tools: These platforms help manage and track social media interactions with candidates, create targeted campaigns, and promote employer branding.
  • Data analytics and reporting tools: These tools provide insights and metrics on candidate behavior, engagement, and effectiveness of recruitment campaigns.

Benefits of good candidate experience through candidate engagement:

  • Attracting top talent
  • Reducing time-to-hire
  • Improving employer branding
  • Increasing offer acceptance rates
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction

In short, candidate engagement is building and maintaining positive relationships with prospective candidates. Tools like ATS and CRM can aid recruiters in effective engagement thereby providing a good candidate experience, which can lead to numerous benefits, including attracting top talent, improving employer branding, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing offer acceptance rates.

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