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A Recruiter’s Guide to Automated Video Interviews


With up to 86% of employers using Automated Video Interviews, including major companies like Hilton and Unilever, these tools are instrumental to modern recruitment. 

With the rise in remote work and gig workers, more companies are using video interviews to evaluate candidates’ qualifications and fit for the role.

With that in mind, the Video Interview Software market is set to hit a whopping USD 541.56 million by 2028

And for good reason too! 

These software offer unmatched perks to recruiters – they’re efficient, budget-friendly, and provide candidates with a smoother experience.

Automated video interviews have recently emerged as a time-saving solution, making candidate evaluation way more efficient. 

If you’re wondering what they are and how to choose and use one, you’re at the right place as we’ve prepared the perfect guide to automated video interviews.

Let’s get right into it!

What is an automated video interview?

Automated video interviews are a pre-screening method used by recruiters to interview candidates virtually.

In this process, candidates answer a set of predetermined screening questions through recorded video responses. 

The recruiter then reviews these video recordings at a later time, rather than engaging with the candidate in real-time.

They are also referred to as asynchronous, on-demand, one-way, or pre-recorded video interviews

Given that extensive hiring timelines are one of the major challenges faced by recruiters, just imagine the HOURS that could be saved!

These tools streamline the process, requiring recruiters only to set up their questions, invite candidates to record their answers within specified time limits, and then evaluate the responses at their convenience. 

This seamless process, from setting up questions to candidate evaluation, significantly reduces the time and effort one would typically associate with traditional interviews. 

Ever imagined such a straightforward and uncomplicated interview process with limited dependencies on different stakeholders?

This level of convenience benefits not just the interviewers but all stakeholders involved. 

Just think about the countless other benefits they offer. Ready to explore them further?

Advantages of using automated video interview software

Did you know? Employers who use virtual interviews note multiple benefits – 74% cite faster hiring, while 79% say it’s easier to manage the process from start to finish! 

From saving time to enhancing candidate experience, the benefits of automated video interviews are many. Here’s a closer look at them:

  1. Time-saving for recruiters:

Earlier, with traditional interviews in the picture, recruiters had to individually interview each potential candidate, a process that typically lasts between 45 to 90 minutes!

This step not only consumes a significant amount of time but also adds to the cost and energy expended, potentially leading to recruiter burnout

However, with on demand video interview platforms, especially for organizations where high volume hiring is crucial, the entire interview process becomes much more efficient.

This is owing to the fact that it automates candidate assessments, facilitates easier candidate evaluation, and ultimately saves recruiters time. 

  1. Flexibility for both candidates and recruiters:

Automated video interview tools really simplify the interview process for recruiters and candidates alike. 

Candidates can take interviews at any time from anywhere, eliminating the need for travel. 

This flexibility enhances the candidate experience and allows recruiters to review interviews at their convenience, improving coordination and collaboration within the hiring team.

  1. Cost reduction in the hiring process:

Every minute saved is money saved!

On demand video interview platforms not only streamline the interview process but also help avoid bad hires.

Identifying unsuitable candidates early on can prevent the costs associated with a bad hire, which can amount to 30 % of the employee’s salary. 
Additionally, automated video interviewI tools reduce costs associated with travel and venue rentals for interviews, further contributing to cost savings in the hiring process.

  1. Widening the candidate pool:

The top talent that you’re desperately seeking is out there, probably just in far-away places.

One-way or automated video interview tools eliminate geographical barriers, allowing organizations to remotely consider candidates who may not have been able to travel long distances for in-person interviews.

They therefore expand the candidate pool and increase the chances of finding the right fit for the role.

  1. Enhancing candidate experience:

Word of advice – all recruitment efforts are in vain if the candidate experience is subpar. 

Pre-recorded video interviews offer candidates more flexibility and convenience, enhancing their overall experience. 

As they save recruiters’ time they also allow them to invest their time into personalized candidate engagement, which leads to higher candidate satisfaction and a stronger employer brand.

To learn more on how to craft top-notch candidate experience, check out Zappyhire’s eBook “A Guide to Exceptional Candidate Experience”. 

Candidate experience ebook
  1. Decreasing recruiter workload:

Fun fact – on average, video interviews are 6x faster than phone interviews, saving recruiters’ time and allowing them to focus on more important tasks. 

As the name suggests, automated video interviews platforms automate the interview process, doing all the heavy lifting for recruiters. 

This efficiency allows recruiters to screen candidates efficiently, ultimately resulting in minimal errors in the process and better quality of hires..

  1. Facilitating collaboration between team members:

Sometimes, too many cooks do actually spoil the broth. But not with automated video interview software in the picture!

Automated video interviews simplify collaboration by providing a unified platform for all stakeholders and help avoid scheduling conflicts

Recruiters can access candidates’ recordings, score them, leave comments, and share feedback with the team. 

This streamlined approach ensures that everyone is aligned and facilitates quicker decision-making with limited back-and-forths in the hiring process.

Candidate giving video interview

Best practices for implementing automated video interviews

So now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s get into the nuances. 

Here are some best practices for recruiters to implement automated video interviews in their recruitment operations effectively:

  1. Selecting the right automated video interview software:

It all begins here!

Choosing and investing in the appropriate platform is essential as it sets the foundation for a successful recruitment operation. 

With numerous tools available in the market, how does one zero in on one?

Thorough research is key!

Consider factors like customization, integration capabilities, ease of use, affordability, and availability of technical support.

Don’t know where to begin? Check out our blog on the Top 10 AI-Powered Video Interview Software of 2024 for insights and recommendations.

Top 10 AI-Powered Video Interview Software of 2024
  1. Training the team:

Folks, getting the right tool is just the beginning. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to learning, exploring, and experimenting to leverage the tool’s capabilities effectively. 

After selecting the tool, it is imperative for the team to invest time in training sessions to ensure that the team is well-versed in leveraging its capabilities. 

Explore product videos, utilize customer support channels, and encourage hands-on experimentation

Ultimately, just like everything else, mastering the use of on-demand video interview tools requires practice and familiarity with the platform.

  1. Preparing and structuring interview questions:

Now coming to the crucial part – if you’re automating an entire touchpoint, it’s extremely important to get it right. 

Crafting interview questions that effectively assess candidates’ skills and minimize bias is critical. 

Ensure that questions align with the job requirements and accurately gauge candidates’ skills and capabilities. 

According to Fortune, 92% of companies view skills-based hiring as more effective than traditional CV-based approaches. 

Ensure that questions aren’t vague and ambiguous as candidates should be able to understand and answer them clearly.

Also bear in mind to avoid asking too many questions as it may complicate things for the candidate, and ensure that each question is relevant to the job role.

Additionally, the type of questions to be asked also matters, whether they are essay-type, multiple choice, open-ended or have a time limit. 

This helps in structuring the interview effectively and providing a better experience for both the candidate and the recruiter.

  1. Briefing candidates with clear instructions:

Candidates might not be aware that they should test their device before the interview, which could contribute to feelings of anxiety or uncertainty about the video interviewing process.

Therefore, providing crystal-clear instructions and addressing any technical concerns beforehand is essential. 

Offering practice sessions and informational resources can help candidates feel more prepared and confident during the automated video interview process. 

You can also consider dedicating a section on your careers page to explain the nuances of the automated video interview process and address queries candidates may have. 

Additionally, you can have a support chatbot or easy access to your support team in case of any technical difficulties faced during the interview process.

Zappyhire’s automated video interview software

Since you’ve already begun your quest to understand how an automated video interview software works, we’ve got the number one option that should be on top of your list.

Zappyhire’s automated online video interview tool offers a range of cutting-edge features designed to automate, streamline the interview process and enhance the candidate experience.

Automated Video Interview Software

Here are 8 reasons why recruiters absolutely need to consider Zappyhire’s Automated Video Interview Software:

  1. Zappyhire’s software uses advanced speech analysis technology to assess candidates’ answers for skills, domain knowledge, and answer relevancy accurately.
  2. With the ability to reduce time-to-hire by more than 70%, Zappyhire is a valuable tool for recruiters looking to expedite the hiring process without compromising on the quality of hire.
  3. Zappyhire’s software easily integrates with existing recruitment systems and offers a range of plug-ins for added functionality, making it easy for recruiters to incorporate it into their existing workflows.
  4. Furthermore, the platform predicts the candidate’s language proficiency with 98% accuracy!
  5. Its machine learning capabilities enable it to provide personalized insights and recommendations based on candidate responses. This helps recruiters make more data-driven hiring decisions.
  6. Recruiters can create customized on-demand interviews tailored to suit their specific requirements, ensuring that they receive relevant and insightful responses from candidates.
  7. It is designed with a mobile-first approach, allowing recruiters and candidates to engage seamlessly across devices. Additionally, the software facilitates effortless collaboration among team members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout the interview process.
  1. Another plus point is that the platform automatically scores candidate responses based on predefined criteria, saving recruiters valuable time and effort.

Are you onboard yet? Get a demo to learn more about Zappyhire’s highly advanced Automated Video Interview software!

To wrap up

The ROI of an on-demand video interview software is sure to be significant, worth every penny spent. 

With unmatched pre-screening capabilities, it is THE tool all recruiters must leverage to streamline their interview processes. 

From saving time to decreasing workload to widening the candidate pool and improving the team’s collaboration, this tool is a must-have in today’s hyper-competitive hiring landscape.

Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari, a Content Marketer at Zappyhire, crafts content on HR tech, recruitment automation, and everything in between. With a background in English literature, theatre studies, and psychology, she brings a diverse perspective to her writing. Outside of work, she finds joy in a good book and exploring her love for cinema.

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