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Top 10 AI Recruiting Tools of 2024 for Recruiters


By 2030, up to 30% of working hours in the US economy could be automated—a trend accelerated by generative AI.

This transformative power of AI also extends to the realm of recruitment, where AI tools are relentlessly reshaping the recruitment processes. 

Infact, a study by Gartner revealed that 81% of HR leaders have explored or implemented AI solutions to increase efficiency in HR processes, indicative of the numerous benefits that AI has to offer. 

AI recruiting tools enhance the quality of hire, automate manual tasks, improve candidate experience, decrease time-to-hire, streamline processes, and mitigate hiring bias. 

They also enable data-driven hiring, empowering recruiters to make smarter hiring decisions.

However, finding the right tool is nowhere near easy. It needs careful consideration and deliberation.

Luckily for you, we’ve done your homework for you and have compiled a list of the 10 best AI recruiting tools for medium and large organizations

But first, let’s get right into the nuances of these tools, exploring what they are and the parameters that need to be considered before adopting them. 

What is an AI recruiting tool?

Recruiter and candidate

AI recruiting tools are advanced AI-based solutions designed to simplify, streamline, and enhance various recruitment operations within a company. 

From the sourcing stage to pre-onboarding and onboarding stages of the recruitment cycle, these tools help automate repetitive manual tasks, expedite processes, and improve the quality of hire.

Some general offerings of these tools include candidate sourcing, resume parsing, candidate assessmentsrecruiting chatbots, and video interviews among others, that benefit the overall recruitment process.

Particularly useful for mid and large companies that have high-volume hiring requirements, these tools are a game changer as they tap into a vast pool of talent within a short span of  time.

It goes without saying, AI hiring software represents a cutting-edge form of hiring, with speed, accuracy, and efficiency as their primary pillars. 

The bottom line is that these tools help alleviate the heavy workload from recruiters’ shoulders, enabling them to focus on strategic tasks. 

Things to consider while selecting an AI recruitment software 

Recruiters evaluating recruitment process

The capabilities and offerings of different AI tools for recruitment vary significantly, and selecting the right tool is a very important investment for organizations. 

To ensure it is a worthwhile investment, it’s imperative to consider the following parameters before making a decision:

  1. Functionality: Opt for a tool that offers a wide range of robust features as it can effectively address your organization’s specific recruitment challenges and streamline the process.
Zappyhire Dashboard
  1. Ease of use: Select a tool that is user-friendly and intuitive, as a complicated interface or inconvenient processes could hamper efficiency and productivity.
Recruiting Chatbot
  1. Scalability: Take into consideration the scalability of the AI tool to accommodate your organization’s growth and evolving recruitment needs without significant disruptions or additional investments.
  2. Analytics and reporting: Look for a tool that offers analytics and reporting capabilities, such as – measuring time-to-fill for key positions, tracking application completion rates, offer acceptance rates and assessing candidate sourcing effectiveness, among others . 

This would help you track key recruitment metrics, evaluate performance, and make informed hiring decisions.

Recruitment metrics
  1. Scope for integration: Assess whether the AI tool can easily integrate with your current HR systems and recruitment platforms, to ensure seamless data flow and collaboration across different tools and processes.
Zappyhire Integrations
  1. Cost-effectiveness: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the AI recruiting tool in terms of its ROI potential, affordability (pricing structure) and long-term value.
  2. Customizations: Check if customization options are available that allow you to tailor AI tools for recruiting to your organization’s unique and specific recruitment requirements and preferences.

The best AI recruiting tools of 2024 

Automated Recruitment

Using AI-driven recruitment software involves scrutinizing job descriptions, resumes, and social media profiles to align candidates with specific job requirements. 

These systems excel at screening and ranking resumes, conducting video interviews, and even predicting a candidate’s probability of accepting a job offer.

Here are the 10 best AI recruiting tools of 2024 

  1. Zappyhire
  2. Workable
  3. Skillate
  4. Arya By Leoforce
  5. Recruitee
  6. TurboHire
  7. HireEZ
  8. Manatal
  9. Humanly
  10. HireVue

This carefully curated list aims to help recruitment teams in making informed decisions when investing in AI tools for recruiting.

The parameters taken into consideration while compiling this list includes factors like pricing, suitability for different company sizes, range of features, and standout capabilities, backed by thorough research including existing reviews on platforms like G2.

  1. Zappyhire

If you’re seeking an advanced enterprise-grade AI recruitment platform that can revolutionize the way you hire at affordable pricing, Zappyhire is your best bet!

Zappyhire is a global leader in AI-powered recruitment automation platforms that equips recruiters to attract, engage, and hire the right candidates in just 11 days on average!

It offers end-to-end automation, highly configurable features, and multichannel integrations. Notably, Zappyhire stands out with its cutting-edge robotic video interviewing software and its powerful smart JD recommendations among other features, enabling comprehensive pre-screening evaluations.

Ideal for medium to large organizations, Zappyhire delivers enterprise-level features at a fraction of the cost.

Standout features:

  • AI-powered Robotic Video Interview
  • Advanced offer letter customisation
  • Custom fields & configurability of the platform
  • Smart JD recommendations
  • AI-powered candidate recommendations
Zappyhire Dashboard
Major clientsMaruti Suzuki,, Walkaroo, Federal Bank, PTC Industries, etc.
Company sizeMedium to large organizations
PricingStarting at $39
Availability of a free trial Case by case basis 
G2 Rating 
  1. Workable

With the aim to provide the best-in-class tools and features to aid in recruitment processes, Workable is a complete solution for recruiters. 

With innovative features like its built-in passive candidate sourcing feature and its ability to post jobs to 200+ sites in a single click among others, Workable significantly simplifies hiring.

It also empowers hiring teams with its advanced capabilities such as its internal mobility portals, its ability to resurface and re-engage past candidates, and the AI-powered recommendations feature.

Standout features

  • Centralized hiring dashboard
  • Interview kit and scorecards
  • Mobile-friendly application forms
Major clientsSquare Enix, Moodle, Dribble, etc. 
Company sizeSmall to mid-size organizations
PricingStarting at $149
Availability of a free trial ✔️
G2 Rating 4.6/5
  1. Skillate

Skillate is an AI recruiting tool dedicated to facilitating smarter hiring decisions with transparency, speed, and ease. 

This recruitment software offers a range of features, including chatbot screening, real-time feedback, personalized reports, and more, ensuring a streamlined and efficient hiring process.

Notably, Skillate’s ability to mask personal information adds an extra layer of fairness and impartiality to the recruitment process, promoting unbiased hiring.

Standout features

  • Smart JD assistant
  • Intelligent matching engine 
Major clientsBigbasket, Rapido, Ola, Groww, Mahindra, etc. 
Company sizeMedium to large organizations
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.8/5
  1. Arya by Leoforce

Arya by Leoforce adopts a multi-dimensional approach to hiring, ensuring organizations achieve positive outcomes.

This versatile recruitment platform offers four distinct plans tailored to different business needs:

  • Arya Quantum for large enterprises
  • Arya Fusion for mid-sized businesses 
  • Arya Concierge for highly specialized roles
  • Arya Applicant on Demand, a pay-for-performance solution

Additionally, this AI recruiting tool boasts an extensive candidate database of 850 million profiles globally and efficient interview scheduling capabilities, further enhancing its effectiveness in talent acquisition.

Standout features

  • Efficient interview scheduling
  • Intuitive candidate data management
  • Candidate database of 800m+ candidate profiles
Major clientsIBM, Atlas, JCSI, etc. 
Company sizeArya Fusion – Midsize businesses

Arya Applicants on Demand – n/a

Arya Quantum – Large enterprises

Arya Concierge – White glove recruiting for strategic roles
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 3.8/5
  1. Recruitee

Known for its ability to improve collaborative hiring within organizations, Recruitee emerges as a good choice for organizations considering the adoption of AI-powered recruiting tools.

With its innovative features, including customizable pipelines, advanced applicant tracking, and a collaborative interface, Recruitee facilitates seamless teamwork among the hiring team and stakeholders. 

Its specialized functionalities, such as customized reports, scheduler, and smart campaigns feature, enable organizations to boost sourcing, automate hiring, and effectively evaluate candidates. 

Standout features

  • CareersHub
  • Customizable pipelines
  • Multi-language feature
  • Overdue candidate reminders
Major clientsAllianz, KFC, Transcom, Framestore, etc. 
Company sizeSmall, medium, large organizations
PricingStarting at $199 per month 
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.5/5
  1. TurboHire

TurboHire prides itself on being a comprehensive recruitment automation platform that seamlessly integrates design, AI, and automation.

It simplifies and optimizes every stage of the recruitment process by centralizing resume and job data into a single repository.

With a keen focus on delivering positive interactions throughout the recruitment cycle, TurboHire enhances engagement and improves the quality of hire.

Standout features

  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Enquiry form feature
  • Internal job posting
Major clientsPwC, Tata Motors. Kauvery Hospital, Avanse, etc. 
Company sizeSmall, medium, large organizations
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.6/5
  1. HireEZ

Designed for recruiters by recruiters, HireEZ positively transforms recruitment efforts by centralizing operations and offering AI-powered sourcing.

Furthermore, it also automates campaigns and streamlines talent data management, enhancing overall efficiency throughout the hiring process. 

HireEZ facilitates data-driven hiring decisions and offers powerful workflow automation features for seamless recruitment operations.

This thereby empowers hiring teams with the right candidates and strengthens candidate experiences. 

Standout features

  • Applicant match feature
  • Full funnel reports
Major clientsLyft, Okta, HNTB, Funko, etc. 
Company sizeSmall to mid-size companies
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.6/5
  1. Manatal

Manatal as a tool for AI-powered recruitment, adopts a transformative approach to streamlining processes using AI tools, social media enrichment features, and compliance tools. 

This platform offers a comprehensive CRM functionality that seamlessly manages candidates and integrates easily with already existing systems.

Its intuitive interface guarantees ease of use, making it a simple yet powerful solution for organizations seeking to enhance their recruitment processes.

With features such as candidate profile enrichment and AI-powered recommendations, Manatal empowers organizations to make informed hiring decisions.

Standout features

  • Seamless candidate profile enrichment with social and public data
  • Automated resume reformatting
  • AI-driven candidate recommendations
Major clientsHertz, Toyota, Decathlon, etc.
Company sizeSmall, medium, large organizations
PricingStarts at $15/per user per month
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.8/5
  1. Humanly

Humanly is an AI-based conversational recruitment platform that specializes in high-volume hiring.

It aids hiring teams by redefining talent experiences by simplifying hiring processes and automating workflows

Humanly offers notable features such as an interview builder, text recruiting, conversational AI, etc.

These features consequently enable hiring teams to make the most of insights from each interaction with candidates. 

Standout features

  • Humanly’s FAQ bot
  • AI-generated interview summaries
Major clientsMoss Adams, Microsoft, The Key, etc. 
Company sizeMedium and large organizations
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.9/5
  1. HireVue

HireVue, a recruitment automation software, provides tailored solutions designed for specific hiring requirements.

It helps connect talent to the right opportunities and does justice to the potential in every candidate by recognizing their unique strengths.

HireVue caters to casual, professional, graduate, and technical hiring, offering mobile-friendly, text-powered solutions that allow for flexibility to both sides of the hiring process.

Its key features include video interviewing, assessments, conversational AI, scheduling, and structured interview building among others.

Standout features

  • Self-scheduling option
  • Interview builder
Major clientsUnilever, SmartLynx Airlines, JustEat, etc. 
Company sizeMedium and large organizations
PricingStarts at $35K
Availability of a free trial 
G2 Rating 4.1/5

In conclusion 

The bottom line is clear; the abovementioned AI recruiting tools offer diverse solutions that are accompanied by countless advantages.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, so organizations must research thoroughly before making the big decision.

But that shouldn’t be a deterrent as the investment is worth it and a lot more. 

The benefits of adopting these tools are undeniable, promising significant improvements to your recruitment operations.

With that in mind, how about a quick demo to see how the highly advanced features of Zappyhire as seen above can aid your hiring processes?

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